Search Engine Rankings

Many customers contact 2ADVANEDiT with a pre-existing website design and are wondering why they cannot be found on the search engines. Rankings, if they exist, are found after page 3 and are nowhere near the top rankings of Google or Bing and other search engines. If you are ranked 103, or on page 11, you will not likely get any website traffic from the search engines. The worse thing about this type of situation is that by covering the basics of on-site search engine optimization and providing your customers and the search engine spiders with good, solid content specific to your business and its offerings, any website can appear among the top ranked websites, especially if you are a local company and can use local terms like “Toronto” or “Vancouver.”

There is no magic to the search engine rankings when it comes to website design, you just need a solid understanding of what your customers and the search engine spiders expect. Remember all the website traffic in the world will not do you any good, if you cannot convert website traffic into a “paying customer.” Conversion is key, but getting the traffic to your website is where you must start – that’s where SEO begins.

Contact 2ADVANCEDiT for a full review of your websites’ search engine ranking. Get good, professional, experienced website optimization consulting and advice and let us help you create a SEO plan that will increase your website traffic.